Personal Development Coach

I coach from the position of having lived experiences of poor self esteem, overwhelm, microaggressions and stress. Also professionally trained as a Life Coach I exhibit the ability to assist clients objectivity, with clarity and professionalism. Get the full details about who I am, my credentials on my about me page.

I would start with an self assessment to identify your current circumstances. Explore your thoughts regarding where you are in life. Depending on what is important to you I will use coaching tools; power questioning and active listening to create a safe space for personal growth.

– Do you want to show up as the best version of yourself?

– What would you do if you had the courage to pursue what your heart desired?

– How would you feel if you redirected your energy to create habits that will elevate your life instead of trying to fit into a mold? 

Be You Life Coach serves to help women who lack confidence, clarity and have poor self image to live on their own terms and accept who they are. To overcome feelings of insecurity and inferiority. To stop the cycle of self-sabotage and procrastination preventing personal growth. By using confidence building strategies, self awareness programs and habit building principles.

I also specialise in working with women of colour. As women of colour we can encounter micro-aggressions entwined with layers of challenges as part of every day life. This lived experience can affect how you see yourself and where you fit in the world. It is important to gain self awareness in order to live in your truth. Rather than existing in lack and as a victim of our experiences.  I understand what it takes to develop unshakable confidence in a world that sometimes misunderstands who we are. 

Step by step system My Life which aims to increase confidence, develop self awareness and build habits to create an authentic and fulfilling life.

What is MY LIFE?

M – Motivation for change.

Y – You and your perceptions.

L – Look at where you are.  

I – Identify who you are.

F – Find opportunities for expansion. 

E – Energy to keep momentum.

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I have a proven track record of assisting women regain their authentic self so that they can live a deep and purposeful life filled with happiness. 

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