Own Your Life

The Goal + The Result

I help women who have lost sight of who they are to find their passion for life. By working with me they have created a life they love. This has included changing career paths, growing a business, reducing loneliness, improving personal relationships with significant others, engaging in a healthier life’s and losing weight to experience life at its fullest.

It is about what matters to you the most!

The RESULTS were achieved by following a proven step by step system...

⁃ We look at who you are.

Explore where your beliefs originate.

I help you become clear on who you want to be moving forward.

Create a space to work on areas of your life that no longer represent who you are.

Review your weekly schedule ensuring it connects with your vision.

Be You life coach services

Be You Session 

By the end of the session you will:

Implement habits to help you achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself – in alignment, rejuvenated and inspired.

Be You Accountability Package

By the end of the package you will:

Show up as your best self.

Be able to make decisions that are aligned with your goal(s).

Gain the motivation to recommit to yourself.

Be able to share the burden of the challenges striving to be your best self.

Learn how to live intentionally.

Devise sustainable habits.

Be You Transformation Signature

By the end of this package you will:

Be able to make empowered decisions to take back control in your personal or professional life.

Gain self awareness about who you are.

Devise a clear vision about where you want to be in your life.

Use self care to create life balance and reduce stress.

Feel full of energy to start enjoying life to the fullest.

Be able to say NO without guilt and with confidence say YES to the things that serve you.

Imagine moving past fear to feel confident in all aspects of your life.

About me

An insured and certified life coach with over 5 years experience assisting clients to identify who they really are and create a life they love.

How did Be you life coach start?

There were many times when I felt as though I was on the brink of self destruction. The negative self talk increased ‘I was useless and ugly’. I also held onto limiting beliefs that I was not worth love because of who I was. This hindered my physical health and career decisions. I chose food as comfort and as a result unhealthy eating habits developed. As my weight increased my confidence plummeted.

After my soul searching and development of self awareness Be you life coach was created to use my expertise and experience to help women take courage to do what is right for them.

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Your life is the product of your mindset.

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