” Your life is a product of your mindset ”

What is Personal Development Coaching?

Personal Development Coaching helps clients assess their life, review their internal strengths and weaknesses. Encourage understanding on how to use their intrinsic qualities to improve their life.

A personal development coach will:

  • Ask questions in guide you to answers you may not be aware existed.
  • Facilitate critical thinking surrounding current life stage.
  • Assess strategies to help you achieve your goals.
  • Assist in exploring opportunities for change.
  • Sensitively challenge thoughts and actions that are preventing personal growth.
  • Guidance during difficult times.
  • Collaboratively design a personalised development plan.

Be You Services…

Be You Session

£35 per hour

Individual session

60 minute session available via Zoom, Facebook messenger and Skype. In person if resident in North wales/ Shropshire area.

What to expect:

  • 60 minute session.

By the end of the session you will:

Implement habits to help you achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself – in alignment, rejuvenated and inspired.

Be You Package


My Life Package

£150 package

6 weeks duration

60 minute session available via Zoom, Facebook messenger and Skype. In person if resident in North wales/ Shropshire area.

What to expect:

  • Structured process.
  • My Life work sheets.
  • Unlimited email catch up between sessions.
  • Session summary email.
  • Development plan.

By the end of this package you will:

Be able to say NO without guilt and with confidence say YES to the things that serve you.

Be You Package


Be You Guides

How does it work?

Be You PDF guides help you to independently deep dive into what is holding you back from living a life that is fulfilling. Each guide is filled with power questions and space for notes that encourages you to identify, reflect and take action.

Three coaching sessions are included with each guide to assist you at the start, middle and end of your journey with the purpose of ensuring you get the most from the guide. However coaching sessions are optional if you want to work independently.

Who are these guides for?

They are designed for people who are aware of what is preventing personal growth and want to work on their journey independently with no to minimal assistance from myself. These guides are flexible and have no completion date which is helpful if you have a busy life and unable to commit to regular coaching calls. You can work on the guides at your own pace.

Purchase process:

  • Click on the make a purchase link underneath the relevant Be You PDF guide.
  • PayPal page will appear please enter payment amount.
  • Once payment has been received please allow 24 hours to receive PDF guide and introductory email.
  • Be You Guides are no refundable once PDF guide has been processed.

Start your personal growth that suits you!

My Life Guide

My Life guide is focused on assisting you to identify where you are, where you want to be and explore your why. Effectively create a realistic plan to successfully achieve your goals.

Self Care Guide

Self Care guide has been designed to help you create time for self care. It explores what self care is, benefits of self care and different domains of self care. You will create a self care planner that works for you.

6 Pillars Of Self Awareness

6 Pillars of Self Awareness has been specifically created to increase your self awareness. Having self awareness encourages self love and shifting your mindset to live a happier life.